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Bring clarity to your operations. Create action items for your big vision. Find clear processes to achieve your organization's goals.

Invite Helen Balzer to review your organization, and she’ll provide you with a practical health assessment of your governance, policies and administrative programs. You’ll walk away with practical tasks, systems and structures for your success, and smart policies and strategies backed by Helen’s proven track record.


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Based in Vancouver B.C. with clients throughout Canada.


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With more than 30 years of proven leadership experience in the charitable sector, Helen has worked with Canadian charities, not-for-profits and religious organizations who want to identify areas of growth, key changes for success, and foundational best practices to ensure long-term organizational health.

When you need executive management advice, Helen will:


Provide a comprehensive review of your current operations and offer you an exhaustive health assessment that identifies areas where specific changes can drive real results.


Bridge the gap between visionary leaders and the operational staff that carry out that vision.


Craft clear staff structures, policies and guidelines that meet your exact needs.


Help your organization avoid the common pitfalls and governance mistakes that compromise many other organizations.


In my 40-year career in the business community, I have rarely witnessed an individual such as Helen. She possesses the many qualities required to be successful in her field of expertise. She was brought on to correct an otherwise successful [not-for-profit] that was deficient in organizational structure and financial discipline. She developed and implemented systems, budgets, and expectations throughout the many departments and then held them to account.
— gerry g., vancouver BC


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