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Charitable Management Strategy


your team for success.

Working with Helen Balzer for many years has been a great gift to Relate Church. I have always had the greatest confidence knowing that when she engages a project, it will be managed not only with great skill, expertise and professionalism, but that every detail will be handled with a spirit of excellence. Helen is a person of strong integrity, deep convictions and character and I personally know her to be completely trustworthy. She is warm and engaging and easy to work alongside and I highly recommend her to you.
— Pastor John Burns, Relate Church, Vancouver BC


What Does a Charitable Management Strategist Do?

Helen has helped us navigate through two stages of construction finances over the past five years leaving us in a favorable situation, completing strong and on budget.
— gerry g., vancouver

Not-for-profits and charitable organizations face distinct scenarios, daunting challenges and exciting opportunities specific to their sector. A traditional business management expert can only offer so much, but there’s typically a gap between standard business practices and the reality that not-for-profits face.

A charitable management strategist like Helen can step into that gap. When you hire Helen, she will:

  • Meet with your leadership, board members and staff
  • Review trust documents
  • Evaluate board documents and communication
  • Inspect annual legal filings
  • Appraise the organization’s financial overview
  • Review human resources
  • Assess risk management, mandatory risk policies and high-risk policies
  • Analyze insurance

After a complete analysis, Helen will have a comprehensive review that helps her determine the health and needs of your organization. Once this process is finished, she will prepare a detailed evaluation and create a workable plan for implementation.

Depending on your organization’s specific situation, this workable plan may include:

  • Rewrite of bylaws
  • Review constitution
  • Governance records
  • Board meeting documentation (agendas, updates, financial notes, annual reviews, etc.)
  • Governance manual
    • Organizational essentials (mission, vision, etc.)
    • Director/officer role clarifications
    • Conflict of interest policies
    • And more.
  • New board members package
    • Governance manuals
    • Annual financial statements
    • Documents requiring signatures
    • And more!
  • Board training
  • CRA-compliant filing

She will identify areas that can be strengthened and provide you the tools you need to do this. Her goal is to continue to build on your existing internal governance, processes and systems so that your executive leadership, board, staff and stakeholders can be better informed to make good decisions moving forward.


Helen listened intently to clearly assess the needs and the desires of our organization, and then worked with us with excellence until we achieved our goals. Our teams loved working with her! Her knowledge and insight from years of training and experience was highly beneficial to us.
— Pastor Anthony Greco, Calgary Life Church



If you’re ready to apply these services to your organization and see the difference a charitable management strategist can offer, meet Helen over coffee or a quick Skype call.

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